What Is It?

The Panther Sales Tournament (PST) is a sales competition hosted by the Global Sales Program at Florida International University (FIU) each fall semester. Under the umbrella of the Department of Marketing & Logistics, business and non-business majors can to further develop their sales skills outside the classroom.

The sales competition consists of several rounds of simulated sales meetings with business professionals serving as the buyers. The meetings run between 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the round. Initial rounds focus on connecting with the ‘prospect’ and identifying needs. Later rounds emphasize the presentation of a value proposition, objection handling and asking for the sale. Students should prepare to adapt to unexpected situations.

Students will compete in English, selling Comcast Spotlight advertising services, to a business buyer. If they wish, competitors can also compete in the Spanish track, showcasing their language skills.

In addition to the role play competition, the Panther Exchange allows competitors to ‘sell’ themselves in a timed, 2-minute sales pitch to business professional, followed by a 2-minute exchange of feedback, information and questions. Each competitor will network with different professionals, moving from one to another. The ultimate outcome is to potentially be invited by the company representative for an interview.  The top nine (9) students will be invited back for the ‘live’ final Panther Exchange round.

See the exact schedule for each competition day here.


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